Stickers srl is able to supply companies with two main types of product.


STICKERS of various sizes, finishes, formats and materials such as:

  • resin bonded or lenticular stickers
  • Ecodome stickers
  • pre-spaced stickers
  • PVC stickers
  • embossed or 3D stickers or emblems
  • aluminium stickers

The stickers are produced on various supports such as glossy, transparent or mirrored PVC, Aluminium, different thicknesses of paper, polypropylene and with different finishes.


DIGITAL PRINTING, including large size, silk screen printing, offset printing, also on different materials such as:

  • labels in sheets or in reels
  • large size stickers
  • posters (single, medium or large runs)
  • plates, tickets, cards and badges
  • PVC, micro perforated or fabric banners
  • window dressings
  • leaflets, brochures, catalogues, folders

We print on various supports such as different types of paper, PVC, aluminium, composite materials, synthetic fabric, card, Forex and Polionda


We are sure we have the right solution for your company. As the materials used to make stickers or prints may be of different types, depending on the use, size and type of application, it is advisable to ask for more details by contacting us at