Pre-spaced stickers

Pre-spaced stickers

Pre-spaced stickers

We produce pre-spaced stickers for all communication needs whether for advertising or commercial purposes:

  • for use at trade shows (stand customisation)
  • for commercial applications (window displays, shop decoration, commercial activities and the restaurant trade)
  • for decorating vehicles
  • for the large-scale retail trade

Printing techniques with new types of digital and cutting plotter provide considerable flexibility, for single orders, for small, medium or high runs, in terms of shape and size, as well as the range of colours.


Pre-spaced stickers with permanent materials
Depending on the type of work, these can be made with permanent or long-lasting materials (that remain unaltered for 7/8 years). Ideal for:

  • decorating vehicles
  • permanent shop windows
  • directional indications or signs


Pre-spaced stickers with semi-permanent materials

These are made with less expensive materials and do not last as long, so they are ideal for temporary applications, such as for example:

  • customising trade show stands
  • shop windows with short-term messages
  • customising advertising areas in the large-scale retail trade

With the right technique, pre-spaced stickers can easily be applied and removed.

They are also ideal for decorating banners.

The main features of these types of stickers are the flexibility of format/size and the graphic precision. Thanks to new techniques together with modern printing and cutting machines, the only limit is your imagination. 


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