PVC Stickers and CRISTAL

PVC Stickers and CRISTAL

PVC Stickers and CRISTAL

The advantages of PVC stickers are the flexibility of the format, the graphic design, the fact that they can be adapted to all types of surface, the high quality of the print, and their durability.


We are dealing here with a type of sticker that from micro to macro is ideal for creating:

  • stickers for flat surfaces
  • stickers for floors designed to be walked on (advertising campaigns, publicity, directions, etc.)
  • stickers that can be applied to vehicles (including magnetic types)
  • stickers for customising windows or walls
  • for creating pre-spaced writing


They can be created on various materials:

  • glossy or matt
  • clear vinyl
  • opalescent stickers designed to be retro-illuminated


These can be laminated to increase their durability and are washable on some types of materials as well, or embossed and non-slip, as in the case of PVC stickers designed to be applied to the floor and walked on.

The choice of materials depends on the use and application, size, durability, quantity and cost.

Small PVC stickers also with special geometric shapes or contoured (gift tag type, for customising/making products or similar) are made in pre-cut sheets with white printing on the back or also in transparent versions.


For a quote or for further information contact us at info@stickers.bo.it.

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