Silk screen printing with vinyl and UV inks

Silk screen printing with vinyl and UV inks

Silk screen printing with vinyl and UV inks

Silk screen printing is a special technique very much used in industrial applications. It uses a matrix of polyester fabric to reproduce writing or graphics. This can be done by hand, with special screens, or using automatic machines, depending on the job in question and on the number of products/prints needed. The silk screen technique is used to deposit a very thick layer of ink on any uniform geometric surface, including on materials that are very different from each other, giving excellent colour permanence and durability.


It is used for advertising prints on:

  • fabric
  • metal
  • card
  • plastic
  • giftware
  • plates
  • signs
  • reproductions of prints or artworks


It is widely used in industrial applications for creating:

  • control panels
  • aluminium plates
  • customising industrial machines
  • glass
  • vending machines


The choice of ink to be used depends on the support to be printed on.

Vinyl inks are the most common and ideal for printing on paper, card, wood, PVC or plastics in general.

In UV silk screen printing, drying takes place in ovens. If solvent inks are used the colour is instead solidified naturally by the solvent evaporating.

The silk screen technique allows PANTONE colours (flat colours) to be reproduced exactly, and requires one screen per colour.

In four-colour silkscreen printing on the other hand just 4 screens can be used and this also allows all colours and shades to be obtained.


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