STICKERS: from designing the print, through quality control, up to handling delivery, including staggered over time.

For the supply of stickers and labels on PVC, aluminium, resin bonded or lenticular and window decals, we offer companies a complete service for the production of resin bonded stickers, 3D stickers, pre-spaced stickers and printed products on plastic adhesives in general, on aluminium, paper and similar:

Graphic design

Our in-house graphics department, which works in close collaboration with the other technical production areas, is at the service of companies for finding the best or optimum solutions for the image of the products they want to create.

Whether stickers, window decals, silk screen prints or traditional prints, the sensitivity and creativity of our graphics staff, backed up by professional programs, will be up to the task, including for special solutions and those with a strong communicative impact.


Our offset, silk screen or digital printing departments are able to cater for all printing requirements including on different materials, in short timeframes and offering top quality, using special, ecological or vinyl inks as well.


Studio materials and quality control

Our technical staff are available to suggest the best solution for your needs, the most suitable materials for the specific applications and the best type of glue to be used depending on the support to which they are to be affixed.

We use specialist equipment to carry out strict tests on the materials used to make the stickers, on the glues and the resistance to mechanical and thermal stress.

For some types of stickers with large production runs, for example, we use variable temperature ovens to carry out tests on the ability of the resins to withstand high temperatures. Then of course there are the optical/visual checks using microscopes to test the surface of the finished product on random samples.

We carry out other checks on the glues, inks and paints used and on the various types of supports and materials that we print on.